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Emptying & Desludging

All sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and grease guzzlers need emptying / desludging and we can organise, manage and oversee this process to provide you with complete peace of mind.

  • Domestic or Commercial Emptying / Desludging
  • Supervised or Unsupervised
  • Emergency, ad hoc, or scheduled emptying for Wendage Service Agreement holders
  • Authorised Waste Carrier Licence Holders

The empty frequency varies considerably across different manufacturer’s systems – some require monthly emptying, others quarterly while others can be left for several years.  Frequency is also influenced by the size of the plant and the flows (volume of usage) and loads (nature of usage) to which the system is subjected.  Our highly trained British Water Service Engineers will take all of this into account and will ensure you only empty your system as often as is needed.

We can simply organise the empty for you or we can organise and oversee the emptying to coincide with our service visit which minimises the disruption to your home or business routines.  This service is available to both domestic and commercial customers as part of the Wendage Service Agreement.

The benefit of supervised emptying is that our Service Engineer can ensure the tank is emptied to the correct level - too much and it ‘starves’ the system inhibiting proper function and too little and you have to empty more frequently.

Another benefit of a supervised emptying is that some of the system internals are ordinarily below the fluid level levels in some models so our Service Engineer will be able to additionally inspect these internals after the emptying is completed.

No Wendage Service Agreement?

We only offer ad hoc, emergency or scheduled emptying / desludging for holders of a Wendage Service Agreement.  If you do not have a Wendage Service Agreement but would like to find out more about having one please call us on 0800 17 44 30 for more details and our rates and we will be happy to assist you.

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