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If you are considering a sewage treatment plant installation we offer a no obligation site visit by one of our technical designers who will work with you from start to finish. We will outline the options open to you from having a new installation to upgrading, refurbishing or repairing your current system. We will spend time with you to understand your installation needs and to investigate your existing sewage treatment system's performance.

Wendage Sewage Treatment Installations

Installation of Diamond Sewage Treatment PlantInstallation of Diamond Sewage Treatment PlantOur installation services include:

  • EN 12566-3 and EN 12255 Sewage Treatment Systems
  • Packaged Pumping stations
  • Drainage Fields designed and built to BS6297 2007
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Excavations, laying drainage, reinstatement works (hard and soft landscaping)
  • Defunct tank removal / disposal
  • Storm water solutions
  • Complementary no obligation site visit and quotation




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0800 17 44 30


Client Feedback

“Good job - well done and very
tidy finish. Thank you.”

Mr Sparrow, Hampshire

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Wendage Installation

Personalised Service and Tailored Solutions

The person you meet at the initial site visit is the same person who will design your system and who will manage your project from start to finish.  Having one point of contact means you can be confident your needs are well understood and that advice and reassurance will be available to you throughout the project.  Working closely with you means we can produce a design solution which is tailor-made to your requirements and to your budget.

Quality Guaranteed

We install EN 12566-3 and EN 12255 sewage treatment systems and independent of any manufacturer we can guide you to the best products & solutions for your requirements and your budget.  We are so confident in the quality of our work that a 5 year warranty is available on our installations – this is in addition to the manufacturer warranties.  Our Staff are experienced and suitably qualified so you can be assured of their knowledge, skills and safety awareness on site.

Designed for Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise ensures your solution complies with local building regulations and prevailing environmental regulations including General Binding Rules.  If you wish we can remove all the complexity from the process by handing the Environment Agency regulations and building control regulations for you.  We comply with the industry’s Installation Code of Practice and our designs comply with Flows and Loads.

Peace of Mind

We recognise that having work carried out on your premises or at your home can be daunting.  We are considerate of your needs and organise our work so you can maintain your family routines and ensure the continued smooth running of your business.  Our Staff respect your property and work at all times to limit upheaval.  We will carry out reinstatement works at the end of the project to return your grounds or garden to its original condition.

Please contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit or to find out more.  

Avoid Unprofessional Installations 

The impact of a poor installation is disruptive and costly. The images below show a tank that has 'popped' out of the ground because the original installation was not carried out correctly by a builder. Unfortunately we are frequently contacted by home owners who have woken up to find an unsightly intrusion has appeared in their garden and need our help to put things right. Such events are avoidable by only employing specialist and reputable installers in the first place.

Whoever you choose to install your packaged sewage treatment system whether it us at Wendage Pollution Control Ltd or another company - do give yourself piece of mind by making sure the company you employ:

  • Specialises in the installation of packaged sewage treatment plants [Don't rely on a generalist groundworker / builder]
  • Knows, understands and adheres to the British Water Installations Code of Practice and Flows and Loads
  • Only uses EN 12566-3 and EN 12255 approved packaged sewage treatment plants
  • Backs their installations with a 5 year installation warranty in addition to the manufacturer's product warranties
  • Works closely with building control to ensure your installation meets local and national regulatory requirements

We offer no obligation site visits so for peace of mind and a personalised service contact us today.