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Reports & Compliance

There are several reasons why you might obtain an independent systems report; it may be to provide information to a prospective vendor during a house sale or it may be to identify what if any problems exist within the system and to ensure your system meets the regulatory requirements and / or complies with general binding rules for small sewage discharges.  As part of the report we will audit your existing system and produce a report which sets out:

  • The existing system assets and their condition
  • The overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system
  • The current environmental impact and/or environmental impact risk
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and General binding Rules if applicable

If requested we can also provide broad recommendations for

  • Repair / refurbishment or replacement / new installation as appropriate
  • Planned preventative maintenance for the existing or proposed system to attain optimal functioning once any shortcomings have been rectified

Environmental Permitting and Building Regulations

All statutory approvals must be sought and obtained as appropriate to the works involved.  Where instructed by the client, Wendage Pollution Control Ltd will be happy to provide this service as we have extensive experience working with the regulatory authorities.  We would then ensure the appropriate permit to discharge (if needed) is obtained from the Environment Agency and that Building Regulations approval is secured at the appropriate time.

All our solutions are designed and built in compliance with local building control regulations – this is essential to secure the relevant certificate without which the property cannot be sold on.  Please note that if you own a Septic Tank which discharges to a watercourse you will need to upgrade it or possibly replace it with a sewage treatment system before you can sell your property. 



reports and compliance

Covering the South

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Wendage Pollution Control provides sewage treatment solutions across most counties in the South of England:

Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Berkshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent