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Mulltoa BioLet Toilets

Benefits of the Mulltoa BioLet

Wendage Pollution Control is the sole UK distributor of the  self-contained Mulltoa BioLet waterless toilet. We brought the innovative Mulltoa BioLet to the UK market in 1980 - now in its 6th generation, it is backed by 40 years of Swedish design and engineering.  The Mulltoa BioLet is ideally suited to locations where it would be costly or difficult to extend the foul drains or to connect to mains drainage.  Typical uses include: adding an additional toilet to the main household, installing toilet facilities into churches, community halls, mobile homes, boats, barges, wood cabins, holiday homes, outhouses of stables, farms, agricultural buildings etc. Call us on 0800 17 44 30 for advice on your own situation. 

biolet maleMulltoa BioLet  - Innovative Ecological Design

  Odour free - due to advanced mixing and circulation design
  Requires no water – unlike conventional toilets which use 7 litres of water per flush
  Low running costs – electrical supply costs similar to an energy efficient light bulb.
  Self-contained self-composting toilet
  Ecologically sound – natural chemical-free processing of waste
  Infrequent emptying – depending on usage this will vary between 2 to 12 months
  Seven models available
  Each product is backed by a 2 year warranty

Easy Installation of the Mulltoa BioLet

  No mains sewer or drains connection required
  No plumbing involved
  Supplied ready to install and requires only a 220-240 volt supply to go into immediate operation.
  Manual option is available if there is no electrical supply.
  Full installation guide provided with installation kit for DIY or trade installation
  Complementary pre and post sales telephone technical support

biolet and femaleMulltoa BioLet Kit Contents* - What you get

*The Mulltoa BioLet installation kit included is for a standard installation.  If you require additional parts please advise us at the ordering stage so these can be included with the toilet delivery.  If you are unsure of your needs please contact us and our technical support team will be happy to help you.  Each delivery will contain:

  • Fully assembled Mulltoa BioLet Toilet
  • Mulltoa Biolet Installation & User Guide
  • Starter Mix for the Mulltoa BioLet 
  • Ventilation Kit for the Mulltoa BioLet

Where can I find out more?

For more information on the whole range please read our Mulltoa BioLet Brochure and for more information on installing the Mulltoa BioLet or maintenance during ownership please read our Mulltoa BioLet Users Guide. Contact us on 0800 17 44 30 for any additional help you need either before or after your purchase.