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Commercial Solutions

Hipaf Midi at Caravan ParkInstallation of Hipaf Midi at Caravan ParkWhether you need the complete solution or a standalone service we are here to help.

We offer a comprehensive design and specification consultancy service for commercial businesses of any size and can address all your water needs for off-mains sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, storm water solutions and managing swimming-pool water backwash.

Equally we offer standalone solutions such as supply only, commissioning and the planned servicing of a system installed by a third party.

We understand the importance of transparency and trust so our quotes lay out the costs clearly and we make sure you understand any variable costs so there are no surprises.


Designing the Right System For Your Business

Technical Design - The appropriate sizing, siting and installation of a sewage treatment system will safeguard its longevity, its performance and environmental compliance.  We consider it our responsibility to deliver the right solution so we will investigate every aspect of the site, its usage or intended usage to ensure our designs perform well not just in the early years but over the long term.  There is a lot to evaluate before arriving at a suitable design including the site’s topography, soil type, land gradients, water table levels, accessibility of available land and proximity of buildings.  We invest the time at this stage to ensure key criteria are not overlooked.

Our design will always comply with all prevailing regulatory requirements and local building control but within that there will be choices to be made and we will work closely with you to ensure you understand those choices and the implications of selecting one option over another.

System Selection - Over the last 45 years we have worked with most of the major manufacturers of sewage treatment plants and pumping stations and we continue to service and repair all the major makes and models available on the market.  This experience over the long term means we have a good insight into the different features and advantages of different systems.  We use this knowledge to advise you on the merits of different solutions and because we are not tied to using any particular brand we can source the best solution for your particular needs and budget.  Our success is based on building long term relationships and we stand behind our designs by offering warranty-backed design solutions.