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Septic tanks

As Southern England’s leading sewage treatment specialist we have been helping homeowners and businesses upgrade and replace their Septic Tanks for nearly 50 years. We have cost effective discreet solutions for failing and non-compliant Septic Tanks. 

Since January 1st 2020 existing Septic Tanks that discharge to a watercourse and cannot be connected to a mains sewer need to be

  • replaced with a BS EN 12566-3 compliant sewage treatment plant    or 
  • upgraded so that the discharge no longer flows to a watercourse and have a drainage field designed and constructed to BS6297 2007

Under General Binding Rules if you buy or sell a property with a septic tank that discharges directly into a watercourse you should agree with the buyer or seller who will be responsible for replacing or upgrading the treatment system. You should agree this as a condition of sale.

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Septic Tank Survey



Wendage Septic Tank Expertise

cracked septic tank

Cracked Septic Tank?

The walls of older Septic Tanks made of brick and block or even concrete may degrade leading to cracks. Over time tree roots can break through the tank wall or pipes allowing sewage to leak out and ground water to seep in. In turn the Drainage Field becomes polluted and the tank may fail. If you suspect your Septic Tank has cracked contact us now - hopefully we can put your mind at rest or if needed take action to save or replace your Septic Tank.

unpleasant smells septic tank

Unpleasant Smells?

  Have you noticed unpleasant smells in your garden? The baffle (which stops sludge from exiting the tank may have collapsed or insufficient emptying may have allowed scum - from detergents and grease - to build up. Both interfere with the ability of the Drainage Field to function. Untreated, the Drainage Field could fail altogether. If you think this may be your problem contact us straight away.

Blocked septic tank

Septic Tank Blocked?

Most Septic Tanks rely on and require emptying a minimum of once per year. Without this, the decomposition process in the tank gradually slows down, leading to blockage and overflowing. Over time, soil, sludge, excrement and solid waste build up reducing the volume of space available within the tank for further decomposition. In a circular effect this process deteriorates increasingly until eventually the septic system gives up and backs up completely. Don’t worry we can help and we are just a call or click away – contact us today.

septic tank repair

Septic Tank Repair?

Other causes of Septic tank problems include a change in ground conditions (ground becoming too wet), ground movement, and weight damage from vehicles or even hydrostatic pressure. If you are concerned about your Septic Tank contact us before your next empty. We can time our visit to ensure we can properly evaluate how the septic tank is functioning and advise you whether you need to take action. However, if your tank has popped out of the ground you should contact us immediately.

domestic servicing repairs sewage treatment plants surrey

Discharge to a Watercourse?

Since 1st January 2020 Septic Tanks can no longer discharge to a water course - stream, river, ditch, canal or surface drain. Many Septic Tank owners have already taken steps to comply but if you’ve yet to act…Call us to get the ball rolling.  Not all Septic Tanks will be non compliant  and not all solutions will involve our services. So contact us for the reassurance of an independent compliance survey and for advice you can trust. 


septic tanks selling property

Moving On?

The Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules require non-compliant Septic Tanks to be replaced or upgraded. Such properties cannot be sold without first agreeing whether the vendor or the new owner will be responsible for the system being brought into compliance. Contact us today for an independent compliance survey which will confirm if your system is already compliant and, if it is not, will explain what works will bring it into compliance with the 2020 regulations. For more information on your responsibilities when selling a property with off mains sewerage, read the Environment Agency guidance.


"Wendage team.. a very big thank you for a very professional job. From initial consulatation, advice, project management, installation and follow up, you honestly delivered beyond our expectations."

Wendage Customer in Surrey

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Why Wendage?

  • Septic Tank Compliance Survey: We will assess the condition of your Septic Tank and the Drainage Field it is discharging to. If we find any problems we will explain your options for putting it right. Our independent report will confirm whether your Septic Tank is compliant with General Binding Rules. 
  • Complete Septic Tank Solutions:If the solution involves upgrading the existing Drainage Field or installing a new system in virgin soil we manage the entire process from start to finish including dealing with the regulatory bodies including the Environment Agency and Building Control.
  • Environmentally Friendly:Sewage treatment plants are the ideal replacement solution for Septic Tanks. They are more environmentally friendly so can discharge to a watercourse, ditch or soakaway. All our work meets stringent environmental discharge standards.
  • Quality & Longevity:Modern designs have a small footprint, are unobtrusive and typically come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the chamber. We are experienced at working in the most challenging of ground conditions and on sites with restricted access and space so we will be able to design a suitable solution for you.

What is a Septic Tank?

Invented over 150 years ago, Septic Tanks are the first generation of off mains sewage solutions, typically used for single households. It collects the sewage and greywater discharged from the property. Over time contents separate into 3 layers; solids (sludge) sink to the bottom, wastewater in the middle and scum - made up of detergents, grease and oils - floats on the top. The outlet pipe discharges the wastewater either to a Drainage Field or to a water course. However, from 1st January 2020 it will be illegal for a Septic Tank to discharge to a water course - stream, river, ditch, canal or surface drain - so you should seek advice now so you can implement the changes needed for your system to remain compliant with Environment Agency regulations.

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Wendage Septic Tank Expertise

Operating throughout Southern England, for nearly 50 years businesses and residents have chosen Wendage for their off mains wastewater and sewage treatment solutions.

Wendage Pollution Control has a network of professionally trained and knowledgeable engineers providing a reliable personal service throughout Southern England. Whereever you are based in the Southern counties, chances are, we already look after the off mains sewage system for someone you know.

We offer clients an unparalleled level of customer service - responding 365 days/year to carry out emergency repairs swiftly and cost effectively. If you have a Septic Tank and need some professional advice we can explain your options and guide you to a solution that meets your needs – even if that means not using our services. We will provide you with honest advice and ensure you fully understand the pros and cons of your different options. We will explain the costs involved, the process and how our ongoing support will help extend the life of your system and keep it problem free.

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