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Sewage Treatment Systems

We are pleased to supply or supply and install any make of EN 12566-3 or EN 12255 certified sewage treatment systems.  Using a modular approach we can design systems for up to 5000 users.  Our experience in this industry spans nearly 50 years so we have seen how different makes and models perform in the long term. We can advise you on the longevity of the plant, its overall level of performance and the reduced running costs associated with emptying and servicing.  We draw on this experience to offer independent advice on which makes and models may be best suited to your needs and your budget to help guide you to the best choice for your situation.

Benefits of a Sewage Treatment System

Unlike septic tanks which simply collect and hold sewage, packaged sewage treatment plants use internal processes to treat the effluent so that the treated effluent can be discharged to ground or to a watercourse depending on the permit or exemption conditions.

  • Minimum visual impact as most can be installed below ground so the visible footprint is limited to the access lid so does not detract from the overall look of the garden/grounds.
  • Discrete – the pumps run quietly so your home life / business won’t be bothered by noise and they are designed so that you won’t be bothered by odours either.
  • Running costs – increasingly the manufacturers are offering designs with reduced running costs through lower power consumption and/or intermittent pump functions.
  • Maintenance access – most manufacturers have recognised the need for ease of access for servicing and repair and this has been incorporated into the design of newer models. Covers can be locked to prevent unauthorised access.
  • High level alarms are available which ensure you are alerted immediately if a pump fails– this means prompt action can be taken to prevent more substantial damage occurring.
  • An extended warranty is available on some manufacturer models – for complete peace of mind.

For general information on some of the packaged solutions we have used and have found over time to provide reliable performance, please follow the links to the right.

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Nationwide Supply & Delivery

We can supply and deliver all major makes & models to anywhere in the mainland UK. including those from:

August Bioclean, C&L, Clearwater, Conder, Klargester, Titans, WPL HiPAF® & WPL Diamond

and all makes of pumps including:

Flygt, KBS, Lowara & TT